The Brunswick Shores Amateur Radio Club obtained the N4GM club call 13 October 2007. The club does not act as QSL manager for any calls other than the club call. Prior to the club receiving the N4GM, apparently the previous owner did have some other calls that were being serviced. The club has no information on these. QSL cards for QSO's with N4GM prior to October 13, 2007 will be returned with regrets.

N4GM operates special event stations at several unique locations within the county. The Oak Island Lighthouse, Bald Head Island Lighthouse, and the rare grid square FM13 are the regular locations. Other lighthouses or lights on the Cape Fear river also provide an opportunity for other events so check occasionally to see if anything interesting is planned. The club has only a few members and we have no regular dues for the club. Funds for QSL cards and postage are minimal. We ask you to send a SASE along with your QSL cards for direct. We use the bureau for DX and also try to upload all of our logs to LOTW.

QSL for N4GM is SASE to:
Brunswick Shores Amateur Radio Club
418 Sellers Street
Oak Island, NC 28465.

Field Day 2011 - Dutchman Creek Park CLICK Here.  

Spring Lights 2011 - Bald Head Island Lighthouse CLICK Here.  

ARRL VHF Contest 2011 - FM13 CLICK Here.  

Oak Island Lighthouse 50th Anniversary 2008 N4C Special Event CLICK Here.  

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